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About Us

Ree Dolnick is a passionate, principled scientist, cook and global citizen, who invented the JECA Bar to offer the level of healthy, convenient nutrition that she, as a busy working mother, could not find available for sale. To reflect her heritage, values and global orientation, she is committed to developing unique flavors and ensuring her products are healthful in mind, body and spirit. Best of all her company is an agent of change to help people live healthier, access global flavors and be good citizens of the earth.

JECA is an artisanal nutrition bar that tastes great with unique, nourishing and globally inspired flavors and a soft, chewy texture. By using only plant-based ingredients and an artisanal baking process, it offers clean, balanced nutrition that consumers can trust as a healthy snack alternative for on-the go. Affordable at 2.50 a bar (with discounts for full boxes), it is human- friendly as a naturally gluten free, vegan, vegetarian and paleo option for pre-diabetics and all people focusing on making healthier food choices. While other brands may promise, it truly delivers nutritionally dense satisfaction, exciting flavors, recyclable packaging and soil-friendly ingredients that are good for the earth.


Combining a global experience and really good taste for a purposeful journey to lifelong good health

Making products consumers can trust as backed by science and good for the earth

Ensuring convenience with easy to open packaging, texture that doesn’t crumble or mess up a car and a size that easily fits in your pocket or purse

Offering opportunities to support a small business that is working hard to change the world, one bar at a time